Host a Screening

Hosting a screening of the The Earned Life movie is
an easy and effective way to inspire millions of lives


Why should you host a screening?

The Earned Life is on a mission to inspire over 10 million lives. Viewing the film is a transforming experience and your audience will discover 4 leadership principles to implement in their daily life and work.

Next to contributing to the growth and transformation of your attendees, there are a lot of benefits for you, especially if you are into leadership, coaching, training or speaking:

  • You can attract an audience by announcing the screening and speak about your services in leadership/coaching/training after the film
  • You can promote your workshop/training after the film screening
  • You get exposure for your work to the followers of The Earned Life in your area
  • You can receive referral payments for all products/courses related to the movie that you promote to your attendees
  • You can use the The Earned Life brand to get the word out to more people about your products and services
  • You can attract more clients for your coaching, training or workshop

You can host a screening ONLINE, or in-person at your local theatre/event/workshop, or even at your home!
You don’t need any technical knowledge nor website to hold an online screening. We will do the complete technical set up for your online screening, so you only need to invite people by email/social media.

Host a Screening

Enter Your Details to Host a Screening

Would you like to host a screening online or in-person? When do you plan to host a screening? Please share with us more details about your plans and we will reach out to you with the next steps. If you are not sure about the exact date yet, then you can mention the estimated date of your screening. We recommend to plan online screenings at least 4 weeks in advance. If you plan an in-person screening for 100+ attendees, then it’s best to plan at least 6 months ahead. Smaller screenings require less advance planning.

For online screenings, we can take care of everything. We will do the complete technical set up for your online screening, so you only need to invite people by email/social media with your personal link.

In most cases, the license fee for the movie is $300 per screening, depending on your plan and the potential amount of attendees. Once you complete the form below, our team will get in touch with you with the exact license fee and the next steps for your screening. You will also receive access to watch a preview of the IMPACT movie prior to moving forward with your screening, so you know exactly what to expect.