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A biographer finds herself fascinated by Marshall Goldsmith’s uncanny ability to help others succeed,
and sets out to discover Marshall’s story through the people closest to him.

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    Awards for The Earned Life movie

    The Earned Life movie has been nominated so far for 6 international film festivals and won 4 awards.

    About the Film Makers

    Patryk & Kasia Wezowski have been inspired by Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1 leadership thinker, for over a dozen years. Marshall enjoyed participating in their first movie ‘Leap’, and after that Marshall sanctioned them to make a biographic movie about his life.
    Patryk & Kasia have raised over five million dollars to create four films so far, and broke the record of the most funded documentary ever on Indiegogo.
    As film directors/producers, authors and educators Patryk & Kasia are on a mission to inspire over ten million lives by making movies that make a difference in the world. Their newest film “THE EARNED LIFE” is a biographic legacy about Marshall Goldsmith.

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    Meet the Cast

    Discover the leadership secrets from the people closest to Marshall Goldsmith

    Marshall Goldsmith

    The World’s #1 Leadership Thinker

    Nicole Heimann

    Biographer / Producer / SCC Coach

    Han Bullens


    Philippe Grall

    Executive Producer

    Jey Wagner

    Co-Executive Producer

    Frances Hesselbein

    Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

    Alan Mulally

    US CEO of the Year

    Jim Yong Kim

    12th President of the World Bank

    Hubert Joly

    Top Rated CEO by Harvard Business Review

    Deanna M. Mulligan

    CEO Guardian Life

    Aicha Evans

    One of America’s Most Powerful Women in Technology

    James Feliciano

    President AbbVie Japan

    Niklas Nikolajsen

    CEO Bitcoin Switzerland

    Mark Thompson

    #1 Global CEO Coach

    Lyda Goldsmith


    Sarah McArthur

    COO Marshall Goldsmith Inc

    Mark Reiter

    Literary Agent

    Gautam Ganglani

    CEO Right Selection

    Vanessa Foser

    CEO C-Level

    Chris Coffey

    SCC Practice Leader

    Frank Wagner

    SCC Practice Leader

    Himli Ali

    SCC Coach

    Pavan Bakshi

    SCC Coach

    David Davila

    SCC Coach

    Santhosh Koyadan

    SCC Coach

    Allan Rahn

    SCC Coach

    Glain Roberts-McCabe

    SCC Coach

    Lois Sonstegard

    SCC Coach

    Viviana Torralba

    SCC Coach

    Anne Van de Catsye

    SCC Coach

    Ann Van de Perre

    SCC Coach

    Mike Werder

    SCC Coach

    Bill Zeeb

    Master SCC Coach


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